To explore a given question or to exicute a chain of events in the creative space it is nearly always  useful to use screens. A screen is a master signifier that allows the other humans in the creative space to project their given fantasies on your screen. Each screen comes also with their own written and unwritten rules and a promise of a chain of events or a chain of inactions.  Screens have there own set of knowns and unknowns.  A screen can be completely manufactured in the intellectual space or borrowed from the storeroom.  It can be manifested by using a theatrical device like a piece of costume or by simply visibly signifying for example a name of a historical person, job title or fictional character on your person before you enter the creative space to explore or to execute.  The projection on your given screen is the observers fantasy not your own. This opens the fantasies up for exploration within the creative space without the aim of coming  to a consensus.