Intellectual space

Workshop Mindgroup RCT (Reykjavik City Theatre)
The intellectual space should be separated from the creative space.

The intellectual space is the where the humans reach common consensus on rules and titles for the creative space and the machine or suggest Theatre devices for the creative space. 
After each run/exploration in the creative space the humans use the intellectual space to.

Manifest interpretation on an individual level.

Manifest understanding on an individual level.

Common consensus on understanding or interpretation of any given run/exploration/execution in the creative space should not be the aim of the intellectual space.  By not reaching a common consensus in the intellectual space the subject/question/challenge remains “charged”.

The word “charged“ should be understood as not giving the humans the task to manifest mutual understanding, interpretation or a consensus on a narrative except through execution in the creative space.

If the humans feel that any of the three laws of the machine have been broken that needs to be addressed in the intellectual space.