The creative space

Seminar/workshop Iceland Academy of the Arts (IAA)
The theatre machine uses humans to perform some activity in the creative space.

The creative space has rules that require humans to perform or assist in performing any type of acts in a chain of events in order to explore the given question or challenge.

A theatre device is any device in the creative space that uses humans to perform some activity or can be used by humans to perform some activity.

There is no author in the creative space. There is a common challenge/subject that is addressed in the creative space.

Give each run or execution in the creative space a title. 

The purpose of the creative space is not to generate dialogue. The creative space is just a tool that can only define how we speak about the challenge/subject. 

It is very important to view the execution or exploration in the creative space  as  an instrument of creation and discovery; the aim is not to make an improvised performance/happening. 

In the creative space text is a theatre device as is a set, a chair, a table, gun or a game.

If the creative space is complex, it will need someone to run maintenance.

Make, break and misunderstand the rules but always above all obey the three laws of the theatre machine.