Titles and rules

Workshop/seminar Icelandic Academy of the Arts (IAA)
A theatre machine should have a title and each exploration or execution in the creative space should have a title. 
The title is a tool to embody the challenge or question that is to be explored or executed. 

Every title has within it a promise of a set of explicit and implicit “truths” or knowns. These can then help to “charge” or “load” the creative space and its devices and imply a certain type of acts in a chain of events in order to explore the given question or challenge.

The creative space should also have a set of written explicit rules that should always comply with the three laws.  The written rules are what drive the execution or exploration in the creative space.

All theatre devices also have a set of explicit and implicit “truths” or knowns. They also have a set of written or unwritten rules.

Theatre devices also may have within them a certain “charge” or a promise/possibility of a chain of events.  A gun or a chocolate cake is an example of such a “charged” theatre device.