A FUNeral in Aalborg - Fantasies of pets and kings

On the 12th of june we finished our workshop at  New Communities in Theatre Nordkraft in Aalborg.  We are thankful and amazed by the level of commitment and generosity that we experienced. Both from the humans in "Hamlets lost carkey's and the plague of fantasies" and the staff and crew at Nordkraft Theatre.
The three days of practical work and theory on the Theatre machine also benefitted us in further expanding the text, scope and possibillities of the Theatre Machine. We thank you for the gift of the "master switch"  and the unwritten rules discovered in the intellectual space on how we talk about the "fable" of events in the creative space.
We also thank Jakob Miriam and Mikkel  from Nordkraft and STATENS SCENEKUNSTSKOLE- Efteruddannelsen  for programming us. We are grateful.
The workshop focused on using the theatre machine practically as a means of dismantling and deactivating the accepted fantasy and projected fantasies on classic text and as a tool to explore the written and unwritten rules of given situations. We started with Ophelia's karaoke competition. We ended with a FUNeral.

Jón and Jón